Campaign 2010

Apr 17, 2004

Looking Back on Houghton

From The Nation:

What makes Houghton remarkable is that he is a Republican. But he will not be remarkable for long. One of the last of the dying breed of moderate – some would even say “liberal” – Republicans in Congress, Houghton won’t be seeking re-election this fall. After almost two decades of battling to prevent the party of Lincoln from becoming the party of DeLay, and facing the prospect of a Republican primary challenge from a conservative local official in his district, Houghton decided to call it quits. He may not be the only Republican moderate to disappear at the end of this term. Other members of what could be the most endangered species in American politics are also being hunted down by fellow Republicans as the party’s more frenzied conservatives pursue the ideological cleansing of Congress with primary challenges to New York’s Sherwood Boehlert, Maryland’s Wayne Gilchrest and other members of the House and Senate who refuse to read verbatim from the right’s playbook.

The top target this year is Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter…


If they can take out a veteran senator, Club for Growth boss Stephen Moore predicts a “political earthquake” that will force Republicans from the White House on down to avoid even the slightest deviation from the right’s agenda…

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