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Jul 24, 2013

LEAKED DOCUMENT: Republican Leaders Instruct Reps. To Campaign Against themselves in August

In a stunning irony, House Republican leaders sent a letter instructing Members of Congress to campaign against Washington during the August Congressional Recess according to a newly leaked document. The instructions direct Republican Members of Congress to campaign against the same Washington that they are a part of and responsible for.

The instructions include a comprehensive list of how to try and pull the wool over voters’ eyes, with staged events and misinformation campaigns, all in an attempt to convince constituents that their representatives are not a members of Congress in Washington.

“National Republicans are telling Members of Congress to campaign against the broken Congress – after they broke it,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Americans are demanding an end to Washington’s gridlock and partisanship, but Members of Congress across the country are getting instructions to lie to voters and campaign against the very Washington they and their Republican leaders created. But the plan doesn’t answer one tough question: how can you be the solution to a broken Washington when you’ve created the problem of a broken Washington?”

Actual events and tips for members of Congress from the national Republicans’ instructions include: 

  • Tour hospitals and healthcare facilities that you have confirmed in advance agree with Republican “messaging theme(s)”.
  • Invite attendees to events who will “take [the conversation] in a direction beneficial to the member’s goal.”
  • Host a “Millennial health care forum” with a doctor to discuss young people’s health care concerns—but make sure to “select a health care provider with the same stance on the issue.”
  • Host a jobs fair for your constituents, and make sure to “include the opportunity to opt-in to your email list” for the unemployed job-seekers, as well as the opportunity to address them “3-4 times throughout the day.”
  • Take photos outside all of the schools you visits wearing the different schools’ “team gear”.
  • Visit senior centers at times with “built-in crowds.”
  • Make sure to “utilize the new ‘Vine’ app” as much as possible, taking care to “post a creative Vine video” whenever you visit sites like energy production facilities.
  • Host a forum for young professionals interested in careers in energy and technology, and use their information to “provide lists for future targeted mailings.”
  • Help constituents pump gas or bag groceries—but make sure to “wear clothes in which you feel comfortable doing ‘hands-on’ work.”
  • Don’t forget, for each event—“use a consistent hashtag”!
  • But most important of all: never, ever remind your constituents that it’s your fault Washington is “out of control.”


  • Support for Republicans is cratering. According to the latest Washington Post/ABC poll, only 21 percent of Americans identified themselves as Republicans, the lowest number since November 2009. A majority (52 percent) of Republicans think that the Republican Party is going in the wrong direction. 68 percent of voters (and 72 percent of independents) think it’s more important to cooperate across party lines than to stick to their party’s positions and obstruct. [Washington Post/ABC, 7/23/13

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