Campaign 2010

Feb 17, 2004

Latest Polls!

Kos points to the latest Survey USA poll showing Ben Chandler widening his lead over Kerr. Best of all, he is over 50%! (poll here)

We are all exhausted, but are very fired up to win this race! I was out all day canvassing with the volunteers and you wouldn’t believe the energy these folks have - one of the guys from LSU decided to join a bunch of folks staying through tomorrow. We still aren’t quite sure how he is getting home…

My team and I ended the evening by jogging from house to house in a local neighborhood in the pitch dark - at least the headlights from our van and streetlights prevented any injuries. We came back in by about 8.30pm. We thought we were getting in really late (and were quite proud of ourselves). It turns out that we were actually the first to return. Some of our volunteer teams were still at it around 10.30! Word on the street is that the GOP volunteers knocked off around 5pm.

I will have a lot more pics from today and the victory party tomorrow night!

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