Campaign 2010

Feb 17, 2004

KY06 - Polls Close in 3 Hrs

About an hour ago Hotline reported: �KY may be a solid red state for Bush in Nov., but today, KY 06 is ground zero in forecasting whether there really will be a competitive battle this cycle to see who controls the House”

Both sides agree that turnout is the key to this election.  Republicans were cheered in recent days by newspaper reports that turnout could be as low as 10%. With polls closing in three hours, it looks like turnout will be somewhere in the range of 30% - 35%. 

The NRCC and Senator Mitch McConnell’s camps are beginning to point fingers at each other in assessing blame for what they view as the increasing likelihood that they will lose the seat previously held by Republican Ernie Fletcher.

Said DCCC Communications Director Kori Bernards: “We knew all along this was going to be a race where we were going to be contributing heavily. We have matched the NRCC very evenly” (2/17).

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