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Nov 01, 2012

Koster’s “The Rape Thing” Comments Attracting National Attention

Media outlets around the country have taken note of Tea Party candidate Jon Koster’s extreme ideas.

The Today Show


Republican candidate calls aborting rapist's child 'more violence on woman's body.' 

Associated Press

GOP congressional candidate says ‘the rape thing’ is not cause for abortion.


GOP House candidate has an opinion on “the rape thing.”

New York Magazine

GOP Candidate Squeezes in One Last Offensive Remark on the ‘Rape Thing.’ 


Wash. GOP Candidate: ‘The Rape Thing.’

Huffington Post

John Koster, GOP House Candidate: 'The Rape Thing' Does Not Excuse Abortions 

Think Progress

GOP Candidate Opposes Abortion Exception In Cases Of ‘The Rape Thing.’

Talking Points Memo

Republican Congressional Candidate Opines On ‘The Rape Thing.’ 

National Journal Hotline

Another GOP candidates catching heat for comments about rape.

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