Campaign 2010

Mar 10, 2004

Kerry at DNHQ Update

Ok. So I am a terrible photographer… all my interior shots came out too dark (donations to send me to photography school may be sent here).

He gave a great speech, though. Trust me. Or rather, here are some excerpts:

“We’re going to keep these guys rocking on their heels.”

“We’re in the best position as a party that we have ever been going into election season.  I’m confident, because of the groundwork you’ve laid out, that we’re going to be in a position to surprise, not just in the presidential race, but in the House and the Senate…a new kind of synergy.”

“This is the most important election of this generation, and this is the most important election of my lifetime.”

Here is another shot of DCCC and DNC Staffers welcoming him earlier this afternoon.

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