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Feb 19, 2004

Kerr and Bush, Sitting in a Tree

�Rep. Thomas Reynolds of New York countered, ‘Democrats are going to claim whatever they want, but the reality is that it’s hogwash.’ ” � Lexington Herald-Leader

Now far be it from us to gloat, but as Republicans scramble to disassociate the party leadership from Kerr’s dismal performance, we thought it might be worth taking a walk down memory lane to revisit the failed romance between the GOP powers that be and their jilted, abandoned rubberstamp-to-be:

December 16- Kerr announces proudly that �she wants to bring in national GOP leaders, including President Bush, to campaign with her.”

December 21- The Lexington Herald-Leader runs a story entitled �The Third Name in 6th District Race: Bush.”  Kerr posts the story on her website.  The story begins,
�When Alice Forgy Kerr, the Republican candidate for Central Kentucky’s open U.S. House seat, talks about her campaign, one theme dominates: President Bush.”

December 13- Kerr releases a television ad showing her on a friendly, contemplative stroll with the President.  The ad closes with the touching sentiment that the two are �cut from the same cloth.”

December 18- The Washington Post reports that the �cloth” ad has been deemed by the FEC to be so focused on President Bush that it should be counted as a contribution to him.

January 26- After reports that the heavy emphasis on loyalty to Bush is leading to higher negatives for Kerr, while doing little to boost her positives, both President Bush and Vice President Cheney cancel plans to visit and campaign for Kerr.

February 4- The Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, attempts to blackmail Kentucky voters into choosing Kerr, announcing that he will support a tobacco buy-out for Kentucky farmers if, and only if Kerr is elected.

February 11- The Lexington Herald-Leader, the district’s primary newspaper, condemns �The waves of attacks and distortions, most fueled by out-of-state Republican money” in its endorsement of Chandler.  The editorial also slams Hastert for his �insult [to] Kentuckians’ intelligence.”

February 13- reports:
�The Republicans initially tried to make the race into an early referendum of support for President Bush. However, since that didn’t seem to be working, GOP insiders are now trying to blame the likely defeat on Kerr—not Bush—by noting that she has run an uninspiring campaign.”

February 17- Kerr loses election by 12 points.  Carl Forti, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, gives Kerr the old �it’s not me, it’s you” routine:
�If you look at the issues this race has been run on, it is very local stuff.”

Note to Kerr and any other Republicans planning a rubberstamp campaign:
Loyalty is a one-way street in GOP, USA.

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