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Feb 12, 2004

Kentuckians Reject Blackmail

The Jessamine Journal’s Randy Patrick had this to say:

At a $50-a-head fund-raiser, Hastert told farmers that if Kerr were elected, he would work with her to push a tobacco-buyout bill through the House Agriculture Committee and bring it to the floor of the House for a vote…

Now the Republicans are holding a gun to the farmer’s head and saying they won’t even do that unless Kentuckians vote for their candidate.

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Also, new poll numbers from the Bluegrass Poll (run by the Courier Journal) has Chandler up by almost 10 points, which is a significant lead, when you figure in the margin of error.

In the Bluegrass Poll, published Thursday by The Courier-Journal, 49.4 percent said they supported Chandler compared with 39.6 percent for Kerr and 11 percent undecided.

The poll, which surveyed 466 self-described likely voters, has an error margin of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points. Thus, Chandler holds a slight lead when accounting for the error margin.

(story here)

We warned you that this race was going to get tight, if the blackmail wasn’t enough to make you hurl, you can learn about the mudslinging from the GOP at

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