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Oct 04, 2012

Jason Plummer Flies in Washington Party Leadership for Debate Prep

After losing all three previous debates, thirty year old unexplained millionaire Jason Plummer will be fed D.C. talking points from Washington Party leadership for his next match-up. Plummer is flying in Washington Tea Party Republican Leader Eric Cantor for a steak lunch on October 10th, where he will bone up on plans to end the Medicare guarantee for seniors just to give more tax breaks to millionaires like the two of them.

Although Mitt Romney has released a year of taxes, Jason Plummer still refuses to have an honest discussion with voters about his financial records or even say what his tax rate is.

“Washington Republican Leadership can’t wait to have 30 year old millionaire Jason Plummer’s vote in Congress so they’re flying in to beef him up on their out of touch agenda that raises taxes on the middle class and ends the Medicare guarantee for seniors,” said Haley Morris of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “With Plummer already on talking points from Washington Party insiders, there should be no question that he will fall in line to give himself and other millionaires new tax breaks and make Southern Illinois workers and seniors pay for them.”


House Republican Leader Eric Cantor is Fundraising for Plummer. On October 10, 2012, Eric Cantor is hosting a lunch in support of Jason.  The event is taking place at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Clayton, MS.  [Volunteers for Shimkus E-mail, 10/4/12]

Plummer is Worth Between $13.6 Million and $33.1 Million.  “Plummer listed a personal worth -- excluding liabilities -- at between $13.6 million and $33.1 million” [Belleville News-Democrat, 8/20/12]  

Plummer Refused to Release His Tax Returns. “Jason Plummer is standing by his policy against releasing his personal tax returns.” [St. Louis Post Dispatch, 2/23/12]

Editorial: Belleville News-Democrat Wondered if Plummer Has Something to Hide. In a February 2012 editorial, the Belleville News-Democrat urged Plummer to release his taxes. “The more Plummer refuses, the more it makes you wonder if he has something to hide. […] Plummer needs to release his tax returns.” [Belleville News-Democrat Editorial, 2/25/12]

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