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May 23, 2011

Jane Corwin Campaigns with Opponents Of Medicare

Jane Corwin (NY-26) was joined on the campaign trail today by former Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey.  As the Siena College poll released this weekend shows, NY-26 voters are rejecting Jane Corwin’s plan to end Medicare, and her latest move reconfirms her commitment to ending Medicare.

“Jane Corwin has chosen to campaign with Betsy McCaughey, who not only wholeheartedly supports the Republican plan to end Medicare, but actually thinks it’s a ‘shame’ that the plan doesn’t end Medicare immediately for current seniors,” said Josh Schwerin, Northeast Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Even as voters are rejecting her positions, Jane Corwin is doubling down on her support for the radical Republican plan to end Medicare while protecting taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil.

Corwin was also joined by Jim Martin of the 60 Plus Association, a group well known for their vocal support of privatizing Medicare and Social Security.


McCaughey Wanted Voucher System to Start Sooner Than 2022. In April 2011, Betsy McCaughey wrote that “the shame” in the Ryan budget proposal was that the “guaranteed premium support” system would not start until 2022. McCaughey wrote that the intent was to spare today’s seniors from “sudden change.” [Newsmax, McCaughey opinion, 4/15/11]

60 Plus Supports Privatizing Social Security. “Using the 62nd anniversary of Social Security as a backdrop, the 60 Plus Association on Aug. 14 became the first national senior citizens group to endorse publicly privatization of the Social Security program.” [60 Plus Association’s Release, 8/15/97]

60 Plus Has Long Supported the Privatization of Medicare, Turning Program into Vouchers. The 60 Plus plan from the late 1990s would have privatized Medicare, turning the program into a voucher program that cut benefits and forced seniors to purchase coverage from big insurance. [Washington Times, 6/15/99; Citizens for a Sound Economy/60 Plus Press Release, 2/24/99]

Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., nationally joins NY-26 Special Election Candidate, Jane Corwin, Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express and Jim Martin of 60 Plus for a press conference.  [Media Advisory, 5/22/11]

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