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Mar 28, 2004

Investigation #11

Newsweek just shot out this press release:

NEWSWEEK EXCLUSIVE: Congress’s General Accounting Office to Open Probe Into Whether Chalabi and His Iraqi National Congress Used U.S. Government Money to Press For Iraqi War
Sunday March 28, 11:58 am ET
Inquiry Requested By Kerry and Sen. Carl Levin, Who in March 3 Letter Describe The INC’s Use of U.S. Money as ‘Troubling’

NEW YORK, March 28 /PRNewswire/—Newsweek has learned that the General Accounting Office, Congress’s investigative arm, is opening a probe into the Iraqi National Congress, led by controversial financier Ahmad Chalabi, and its use of U.S. government money received in 2001 and 2002. The issue under scrutiny is not whether Chalabi prodded America into a war on false pretenses; it is whether he used U.S. taxpayer dollars and broke U.S. laws or regulations to do so, report Investigative Correspondent Mark Hosenball and Senior Editor Michael Hirsh in the April 5 issue of Newsweek (on newsstands Monday, March 29).

The press release closes on this:

Some critics of Chalabi say he still can’t be trusted to supply good information, and he may now be using U.S. funds to help build himself into a political figure. A former U.S. intelligence official says Chalabi’s use of CIA money in the early ‘90s was just as dubious. ‘‘There was a lot of hanky- panky with the accounting: triple billing, things that weren’t mentioned, things inflated…It was a nightmare.’’ (The Chalabi aide calls this a ‘‘smear.’‘) The Defense Department, the former intel official says, is ‘‘getting rolled like everyone else.’’

Here’s a link to the 2/19/04 @Stake story on Chalabi, and there’s more in that press release if you’re interested.

Update: Here’s the Newsweek story relating to the release, not very nice to Mr. Chalabi.

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