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Jun 03, 2004

Interesting Time to Leave

Tenet is leaving for “personal reasons.”  Maybe he personally did not want to deal with this:

The controversy surround-ing Ahmad Chalabi, the former US ally who promoted the war against Saddam Hussein, deepened yesterday as the Bush administration confirmed that the Central Intelligence Agency was looking into Mr Chalabi’s intelligence activities.

Condoleezza Rice, the national security adviser, told members of Congress in a closed-door briefing that George Tenet, CIA director, would oversee an inquiry into Mr Chalabi. She did not elaborate, an official said.

Or this:


Secretary of State Colin L. Powell has pressed the Central Intelligence Agency for several months to account for the faulty intelligence that led Mr. Powell to tell the United Nations last year that Iraq definitely possessed illicit weapons, several senior administration officials said Tuesday.


In particular, Mr. Powell has sought answers about the C.I.A.‘s sources of information for the evidence, now considered false by the agency, that Iraq possessed mobile biological weapons laboratories. Serious doubts have now arisen about all four of the sources that the C.I.A. relied on, intelligence officials say. At least two of the sources were Iraqi defectors introduced to intelligence agencies by the Iraqi National Congress, led by Ahmad Chalabi, the government officials said.

I wouldn’t either.

Update: The news makes Chalabi a happy man.

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