Campaign 2010

May 17, 2004

Independent Ministries

We’ve all heard the gag about how the administration wants universal health care for Iraq but doesn’t even think it’s worth considering here.

Well the sound byte I’ve heard all day today is that “eleven ministries have already been turned over to Iraqis.”  Lucky them.

Our FDA makes sure Plan B cannot be sold over the counter, against the advice from the boards of scientists convened to advise them on it.  That weekend Karl Rove gives a speech at Jerry Falwell’s university.

Our EPA is nothing but bartering fodder for Bush “Pioneers.”

Our Treasury Department spends its time concocting misleading analyses of Democratic candidates’ platforms, and makes sure to end important releases with talking points from the RNC - and then they send the language over to the IRS.

Our Health and Human Services Department doctors reports on discrepancies in health care between races to make them more “optimistic.”  Coincidentally, that is a Bush campaign theme.

Our Labor Department quietly removes virtually all information on gender inequities in the workforce and elsewhere.  Our Labor Secretary declares that ‘‘Well, the stock market is, after all, the final arbiter.”

Our Medicare bureau operates under an apparently illegal “gag rule,” forbidding them to tell Congress the true costs of a bill they are about to pass, even though the administration has been consistently quoting a figure $140 billion less in public.

Our Defense Department issues a new multi-billion dollar contract to the Vice President’s former company every time they are caught cheating the American public.  They also pay Iraqi exiles millions of dollars to deceive us.

By the way, I hope that guy isn’t the one running those ministries, there’s something about him I don’t trust.

It’s still Hard Sell Monday, give us a hand.

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