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Dec 04, 2013

In Republican Primary, New Website Demands Answers From Jolly and Peters

With Washington lobbyist David Jolly and Tallahassee State Representative Kathleen Peters now locked in a divisive and costly battle for the Republican nomination in Florida’s 13th Congressional district, both Jolly and Peters will fight bitterly to win over their party’s primary voters, facing tough questions from the Republican base.

And to help Pinellas Republicans learn just how deeply Jolly and Peters support the reckless agenda of the Republican Congress and how bitterly they will fight for their party’s nomination, today the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a new website – – featuring Republican primary voters’ most pressing questions.

Pinellas residents can use the site to tweet these very questions to Peters and Jolly and demand answers:

  • Would you have supported the shutdown of our nation’s government?
    • Do you support the Republican Ryan Budget?
    • What are your thoughts on Governor Rick Scott?
    • Who is more in line with the Tea Party’s conservative views – you or your opponent?

 And many more.

“The Republican primary in Florida’s 13th Congressional district is an expensive, bitter battle for Republicans – as Jolly and Peters jostle to align themselves with the same reckless Republicans in Congress who inflicted a shutdown on the country and took $24 billion out of our economy,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The Republican base will undoubtedly have tough questions to pose to Washington lobbyist David Jolly and Tallahassee State Representative Kathleen Peters in the next six weeks, and will be a valuable resource as Republicans decide which one will do more to embrace the reckless politics of their party in Washington that is hurting Pinellas families.”

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