Campaign 2010

Apr 08, 2004


Dan Froomkin, who writes the quasi-blog column for the Washington Post, has a good one today entitled “Where’s the President?”  He discusses the reaction to the strange demand that the President will only appear before the 9/11 Commision alongside Cheney (see our post on Nancy Pelosi’s statement), which includes the following quotes:

CNN’s Bill Schneider: “It’s raising some damaging questions about whether or not George Bush knows enough to testify on his own or whether he’s dependent on Vice President Cheney.”

Bush “confidante” Karen Hughes: “I’m not sure what the rationale specifically was, but I think the White House believes that it is an effective use of their time.”

Now at a certain point one begins to feel silly rebutting statements like that, but just to be clear, whether they appear together or apart it still takes the exact same amount of time for each Bush and Cheney.  It’s the commission whose time efficiency is in question, and after spending most of past two years being stonewalled, I think they would be willing to spare a couple extra hours with the only people capable of answering their questions in full.

Here’s Tom Toles.

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