Campaign 2010

Oct 25, 2012

Hypocrisy Alert: Congressman Cravaack (R-NH) Denies Making Residency Campaign Issue in 2010

Congressman Chip Cravaack’s commute from New Hampshire to campaign must be addling his memory. This week, Congressman Cravaack actually tried to deny making residency an issue in his Tea Party campaign in 2010. The truth is that Congressman Cravaack repeatedly made residency a key issue during his first Tea Party bid just two years ago. The difference now is that Congressman Chip Cravaack is unprepared to defend his failed record voting to end the Medicare guarantee and forcing Minnesota seniors to pay thousands more for health care on top of the fact he doesn’t even live in the state.

2010: Watch Congressman Chip Cravaack make residency an issue HERE and HERE

2012: Watch Congressman Chip Cravaack deny residency attacks HERE

 “Tea Party Congressman Chip Cravaack can cry his crocodile tears in Windham or Washington, but it doesn’t change the fact that Minnesota has never been his first priority,” said Haley Morris of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “By Congressman Chip Cravaack’s own standard, residency concerns were fair game in 2010. The only difference now is that Tea Party Congressman Chip Cravaack can’t defend the indefensible – his out of touch record of moving out of Minnesota and voting to end the Medicare guarantee for Minnesota seniors.”

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