Campaign 2010

Jun 18, 2004

How to Find the Plame Culprit

John Dean relays an idea from his late friend, Sam Dash (not a fan of John Ashcroft):

To make his point, while waiting for his book to come off the presses, Sam wrote in a Newsday article, “If, as now seems likely, top White House aides leaked the identity of an American undercover agent, they may have committed an act of domestic terrorism as defined by the dragnet language of the Patriot Act their boss wanted so much to help him catch terrorists.” (See my prior column for an explanation of why the leak of agent Valerie Plame’s identity was criminal.)


Under the Patriot Act, as Sam said to me with a chuckle, all the FBI has to do is tell a judge that it would “impede their investigation” to give the White House notice, and they could sneak into the Oval Office without warning—carrying approval from a secret court, granted in secret. “Maybe if the president or his aides were investigated under this law they would understand what they are doing,” Sam declared.

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