Campaign 2010

Jun 10, 2004

How Not to Get NATO’s Help

There comes a point when denigrating other countries for the sake of a new way to campaign on hate crosses the line from idle despicability to seriously harming our national security interests.  The NRCC crossed that line some time ago, but we got another good example on Saturday from the Texas GOP Convention.  From the head of the faux minority PAC Dream PAC, we get this “optimistic” campaign slogan:

“There are people who say ‘Why can’t we be like France or Germany ... ?’” U.S. Congressman Henry Bonilla told the enthusiastic crowd. “If you like those places so much, why don’t you move there?”

Here’s another headline from the very same day:

Bush, Chirac Hope for Deal on UN Resolution Soon
Reuters - Jun 5, 2004


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