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Apr 05, 2011

House Republicans March to a Government Shutdown

While Democrats work to compromise and avoid a government shutdown, House Republicans are playing a serious game choosing special interests like Big Oil and putting our economic future at risk. 

We all agree that we have to cut spending and Democrats want a compromise.  Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans have the wrong priorities.  Instead of cutting wasteful spending like subsidies for Big Oil companies making record profits, Republicans are choosing to cut education and investments in scientific research and development that create jobs and keep America competitive. 

We know the consequences of a government shutdown.  Veterans don't receive the benefits they earned, home loans are frozen, and many other services we depend on will suffer. 

Last week, House Republican freshmen met with the mastermind behind the 1996 government shutdown, former Speaker Newt Gingrich.  This week, it looks like Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans are following the Gingrich plan.  Here's a look at the types of stories Republicans who refuse to compromise and shut down the government can look forward to.

A Blast From Speaker Gingrinch’s Past … A Preview of Speaker Boehner’s Future?

  • The Tampa Tribune – Shutdown misery piles up Funds for supplies at veterans hospitals and jobless benefits in six states have run out. [1/4/96]
  • The Baltimore Sun – Shutdown `really makes you angry'; The pain spreads: As bills go unpaid and trips are postponed, individuals and businesses suffer along with federal employees. [1/4/96]
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer – ‘If I don’t work, people die’ Unpaid Nurse Typifies Shutdown Mess` [1/4/96]
  • Associated Press – Shutdown imperils food aid for elderly [1/3/96]
  • The New York Times – Government Shutdown Cost Is Estimated at $700 Million [11/23/95]
  • The Washington Post – On Fourth Day of Shutdown, Tourists, Hunters and Shopkeepers Feel the Impact [11/18/95]
  • The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, MA) – Veterans' benefits labeled unessential [11/15/19]
  • The Commercial Appeal (Memphis) – Refuges close with shutdown of government [11/15/95]
  • The New York Times – Battle Over The Budget: The Effects; Paralysis Brought On by Shutdown Begins to Seep to the Private Sector [1/4/96]
  • CBS News Transcripts  – Government Shutdown Pushes VA to Brink of Crisis; Creates Massive Backlogs [11/17/95]
  • Birmingham News (Alabama) – U.S. Shutdown Disrupts Programs – And Lives Vets See Benefits Hurt [11/18/95]
  • The Washington Post –  Federal Home Loans Frozen In Shutdown; Real Estate Officials Fear Effect On Lenders, Brokers and Buyers [11/18/95]
  • The Associated Press – Guard Exercises Canceled; Veterans Feel Pinch [11/17/95]
  • The Washington Post – Shutdown May Create Crises, Officials Warn [11/19/95]
  • Chicago Tribune – Closing Costs; Budget Impasse Entangles FHA, VA Borrowers [11/19/95]
  • The Boston Herald – Fed shutdown hits home in Mass. [11/19/95]
  • The Augusta Chronicle (Georgia) – Shutdown Threatens Benefits for Unemployed, Reich Says [11/18/95]
  • The Associated Press – Housing, Weather Agencies Showing Strain of Shutdown [11/18/95]
  • The Chattanooga Times (Tennessee) – Budget impasse hits home Stalemate delays federal burials, sparks layoffs – [11/18/95]
  • Los Angeles Times – Budget Impasse Forces Shutdown of Yosemite; Parks: Valley has a Near-Pristine Look, While Tourists, Staff Voice Anger, Worry.  Thanksgiving Holiday is in Doubt
  • [11/18/95]
  • The New York Times – Canyon Becomes Peaceful, Pleasing Nobody [11/19/95]
  • Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO) – Shutdown imperils area blood supply [11/16/95]
  • The Associated Press – 'Hello, the Government Is Out; Please Leave a Message' [11/16/95]
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution – Fed workers return amid heavy backlog [11/21/95]
  • The New York Times – Federal Shutdown Begins to Affect Economic Forecasts [12/21/95]
  • Reuters – U.S. shutdown has impact - from embassies to jails. [1/3/96]
  • Allentown Morning Call – Veterans Clinic Workers Protest Partial Government Shutdown [1/6/96]
  • San Antonio Express-News – First-time homebuyers hit hard by shutdown [1/6/96]
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer – Shutdown Squeezes Hospitals, Prisons [1/3/96] 
  • Los Angeles Times – Effects of Shutdown Begin to Be Felt Nationwide [1/4/96]
  • Los Angeles Times – Valley: Shutdown disrupts lives of seniors, homeowners, veterans. Many workers provide services without pay. [1/5/96]

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