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Mar 01, 2004

House race outlook - 2004

In response to an earlier story about Tom DeLay’s growing PAC scandal, posted this message : “Winning Without Delay…whatever we have to do to take back the house and senate. House net pickup of 12, support incumbents and everyone in a close race.”

Double entendre aside, ljm trumpets the growing resolve to send the GOP majority packing in these next elections.  Can it be done?  The NRCC says “no way,” but what would you expect? 

Republicans currently have 16 open seats to defend compared to Democrats’ 10 seats. Of those, there are at least 6 competitive GOP open seats (CO-3, LA-3, PA-15, SD-AL, WA-5, WA-8) compared to only 4 competitive Democratic open seats (KY-4, LA-7, OK-2, PA-13). And Democrats’ advantage in competitive open seats could grow further if Rep. Jim McCrery retires from LA 04.

Moreover, despite the NRCC’s claims that Democrats can’t compete financially, to date, our candidates have raised over $100,000 in 7 potentially competitive Republican open seats (State Sen. Matt Connealy has raised over $100K in NE-1) and are financially competitive in every Democratic open seat.

Message to GOP: Get ready for the fight of your lives!

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