Campaign 2010

Mar 15, 2004

House Dems Putting GOP on Defense

This is encouraging.

Ben Pershing’s article in this morning’s Roll Call (registration required) begins with:

For the first time since President Bush was elected, a House GOP Conference that has prided itself on constantly playing offense appears likely to spend much of its time through November playing defense.

The article then follows up with quotes from the GOP spokespeople about how they are not “playing-D”. Pershing, however, seems to not be persuaded. Moreover, he points out that there are cracks forming within the GOP when it comes to budgetary matters.

That desire to limit spending growth and attack deficits is widespread among House Republicans, but this year’s effort has also been fueled by withering outside criticism of the GOP’s economic stewardship.

While Democrats have spent the last few years blaming Republicans for mounting deficits, House GOP lawmakers have been dismissive of such attacks. But late last year, many conservative groups and opinion leaders began joining the chorus of criticism.

Needless to say, the Budget fight is going to be huge this year, and the House Dems are more than ready. We will keep you posted.

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