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May 07, 2004

House Committee Hearing

Petition to Dismiss Secretary Rumsfeld.

“I would not resign simply because people try to make a political issue out of it.”
- Secretary Rumsfeld, today

House Committee Hearing ongoing right now, watch here.

Red Cross
: “The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has said it had repeatedly urged the United States to take ‘corrective action’ at a Baghdad jail at the centre of a scandal over abuse of Iraqi prisoners.”

Powell: “‘It’s something Powell has raised repeatedly—to release as many detainees as possible—and, second, to ensure that those in custody are properly cared for and treated,’ said a senior State Department official familiar with the discussions.”

Kay: “I was there and I kept saying the interrogation process is broken. The prison process is broken. And no one wanted to deal with it. It was too, too distasteful. This is a known problem, and the military refuses to deal with it.”

Paul Bremer: “Bremer repeatedly raised the issue of prison conditions as early as last fall — both in one-on-one meetings with Rumsfeld and other administration leaders, and in group meetings with the president’s inner circle on national security. Officials described Bremer as ‘kicking and screaming’ about the need to release thousands of uncharged prisoners and improve conditions for those who remained.”

And finally, a word on the “we announced it to the world” defense.  The beginning of the investigation was “announced” to the world, the conclusion was not.  When I “announce” that there are over a dozen investigations ongoing into GOP Leadership, does that “inform” you that they are in fact guilty of a dozen egregious offenses, some of which are crimes?  No.  Investigations churn out of this administration on a weekly basis, which is why nobody took note or imagined the massive significance when it was “announced,” including any of the GOP hacks that are now waving that release around like it is some major exculpatory piece of evidence.  100% Disingenuous.

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