Campaign 2010

Apr 07, 2004

Houghton Out

A reader from On Background brought this up in comments yesterday, but moderate Republican Houghton is now retiring in NY-29.  The situation is that it’s Republican-leaning…

  But Republicans aren’t likely to have a free ride in a district held by Democrat Rep. Stan Lundine before Houghton was first elected in 1986. Samara Barend, a former campaign organizer for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, is primed to enter the race, according to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Greg Speed.

    “It is definitely a race worth watching for us. Several Republicans are looking at it, many far to the right of Amo Houghton that would be way out of step with this district. We view it as an opportunity,” Speed said.

There will likely be plenty more apt Dems as well.  It seems we are at a bit of a crossroads in the so-called “conservative revolution” (SCCR?), which in reality was just a hard move to the right in party engineering by the GOP Leadership.  In fact, CQ Politics Daily (from whence the above quote comes) titles the story “A Setback for Moderation?” and then begins “New York Rep. Amo Houghton, one of a dwindling number of GOP moderates…”  So following the formula, the Leadership would support one of the far-right candidates lining up; we’ll see if they’ve had some sense scared into them though.

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