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Mar 04, 2004

Hold the Dam!

It’s a corruption cornucopia!  Tom DeLay today moved his traveling sell out circus from the editorial pages of all the Texas newspapers right on up to the New York Times.  Kudos!

“Two Washington lobbyists with close ties to Mr. DeLay have harvested a cool $45 million across three years by selling lobbying and public affairs services to four Indian tribes flush with casino profits. This is such an eye-popping profit that Senator John McCain is planning hearings on what he calls ‘disgraceful’ suggestions of profiteering.”

Here’s the Wa Po story that provoked the editorial.

So what have we got cooking now in addition to this?  Here’s the latest:

DeLay’s PAC investigation.

DeLay’s “Celebrations for Children” scam.


House and Senate Intelligence Investigations.

Valerie Plame.

The forged Niger-uranium documents.

Nick Smith bribery case.

Oh, and what a find, Josh Marshall agrees in his new column:

“To date, the White House has been able to blunt or delay investigation into these matters with disciplined scandal management and solid control on the hill. But once these investigations get into the hands of career prosecutors they become much more difficult to control. And each could each pop to the surface at what — for the White House — would be the most inconvenient of times.

“Fasten your seat belts.”

Tsunami election, anyone?

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