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Jun 18, 2004

Hitchens, Inhofe, DeLay

Now I wouldn’t trust Hitchens with my lunch money, but a quote of his is worth throwing up to make a point:

In a recent public debate, so I was told, an American officer referred to the Abu Ghraib scandal as a “moral Chernobyl.” You might think that this was overstating matters, even if in one important sense—because Chernobyl was morally an accident, albeit in some ways a “systemic” one—it is actually understating them.


But get ready. It is going to get much worse. The graphic videos and photographs that have so far been shown only to Congress are, I have been persuaded by someone who has seen them, not likely to remain secret for very long. And, if you wonder why formerly gung-ho rightist congressmen like James Inhofe (“I’m outraged more by the outrage”) have gone so quiet, it is because they have seen the stuff and you have not.

This was Tom DeLay, after seeing that same “stuff”:


House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, said he thought “some people are overreacting.”


“The people who are against the war are using this to their political ends,” he said.

Tom DeLay, put to shame by Senator Inhofe.  This is who we are running against, plug in at

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