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May 24, 2004

Herseth is the Choice

Argus Leader endorsement:

Intelligence, sense of what’s important for S.D. would let her shine in Congress


...Herseth and Diedrich aren’t clones, though.


It’s true, either would enter Congress as a freshman and, while good committee assignments might come along, would be at the bottom of the seniority-influence ladder.


But the real issue in this race is simple. As one member of the 435-person Congress, who can better lobby for the needs of South Dakotans? Who can make a voice heard? Who can build coalitions? Who can persuade? Who is a better spokesperson for South Dakota?


The answer is Herseth.


A year and a half ago, the Argus Leader endorsed former Gov. Bill Janklow over Herseth. While she was articulate and passionate, she also was naive and lacked a clear understanding of all the issues. We felt then, and we feel now, that we need someone in Congress who can stand up for South Dakota.


Eighteen months later, the answer is Herseth.


She still is articulate and passionate. But in the 18 months since that last election, she’s also become knowledgeable about the issues, inside and out. She doesn’t stumble or get thrown off. There is depth to her knowledge and her ideas. There is thought. There is logic. There is a pragmatism that seeks to answer, “What is best for South Dakotans?”

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