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Jan 06, 2011

Health Care Hypocrite: Rep. Michael Grimm Wants Health Care for Himself, Will Repeal for Others

Newly sworn in Representative Michael Grimm (NY-13), elected with tea party support after pledging to repeal health reform, told his local newspaper that he wants government health care for himself because "I don't have health care and, God forbid I get into an accident and I can't afford the operation... That can happen to anyone." Grimm joins Representative Andy Harris (MD-01) who was outraged during freshman orientation that he did not receive his government health care benefits sooner.

“It’s clear that Representative Michael Grimm is the worst kind of hypocrite – one who protects health care for himself instead of his constituents,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Representative Grimm has become the latest Republican health care hypocrite to demand government-funded health care benefits for himself, while trying to repeal health care reform and make it harder for most Americans to afford coverage for their own families. Americans have a right to know whether their Member of Congress is taking government-funded health care, unfortunately House Republicans have chosen to keep that a secret from their constituents and now we know why,”

The list of Republicans who are not taking their government health care while fighting to repeal health care for millions of Americans is also growing with Representative Frank Guinta (NH-01) joining the group today, as well.


Polling shows American Public Opposes Health Care Hypocrisy. “Most Americans think incoming Congressmen who campaigned against the health care bill should put their money where their mouth is and decline government provided health care now that they're in office.” [Public Policy Polling, 11/23/10]

At least 7 House Republicans elected on opposition to government health care have publicly announced they will not seek the benefit for themselves. Representative Bobby Schilling (IL-17), [ABC News, 11/17/10]; Representative Mike Kelly (PA-03), [Think Progress, 11/18/10]; Representative Joe Walsh (IL-08), [The Hill, 12/26/10]; Representative Bill Johnson (OH-06), [Hotline, 12/2/10]; Representative Daniel Webster and Representative Sandy Adams. [Orlando Sentinel, 11/26/10]; Representative Frank Guinta (NH-01). [Think Progress, 1/6/11]

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