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May 04, 2004

Hastert Takes a Beating

Wouldn’t have wanted to be in his shoes:

McClellan and Hastert spoke to more than 300 seniors who crowded into the Kendall County Senior Center here, about a mile from the high school where Hastert taught and coached wrestling before winning election to the House of Representatives in 1986…

Carol Applebaugh, 67, shook with anger as she stood to question Hastert and McClellan about the law. She waved a computer printout listing discount prices available with the cards and said the savings would be paltry.

“We love Medicare. All we asked for was affordable drugs,” she said. “What we got was a $500 billion boondoggle. We’re not going to pay for it. Our children and grandchildren are.”

Hastert responded firmly.

“If you want to demagogue against it you can do that, but the fact is there are real benefits here,” he said.

Some other seniors also voiced skepticism. Rich Nevsimal, 71, of Yorkville, said he would do better sticking with his union benefits. Jennie Campbell, 77, a retired teacher from Montgomery, Ill., said she probably would do better with her state retirement coverage. And Al McConnell, 75, a retired tool grinder, said that as a veteran, he gets low-cost medicines from the Veterans Affairs hospital system.

“Why don’t we change our laws to be like Canada?” he asked. “That would be a lot easier than this.”

I suppose the Congressional Research Service is “Demagoguing” as well?  Or just the seniors you were supposedly helping?

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