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Feb 26, 2004

Hastert Stumping for South Dakota

In case you thought the GOP were going to easy on us in the South Daktoa Special Election, National Journal’s Congress Daily (paid registration required) is reporting in this morning’s edition:

A week after Republicans suffered a special election defeat in Kentucky, House Speaker Hastert sought Wednesday to redirect Republican energy toward its next special election challenge in South Dakota.
    During a weekly House Republican Conference meeting, Hastert told members that it is important to back former South Dakota state Sen. Larry Diedrich, a Hastert spokesman confirmed.
    Republicans are wary of a repeat loss in South Dakota, where Republicans hope to hold onto the at-large seat vacated by former GOP Rep. William Janklow. GOP nominee Diedrich faces attorney Stephanie Herseth, the 2002 Democratic nominee who already enjoys name recognition across the state.
    “We’re concerned about South Dakota. Herseth is a much better-known candidate. She has run statewide,” Hastert’s spokesman said.

We ware going to need to fight harder than ever in this race…. The GOP are really putting the heat on and will drop MILLIONS into this race. In fact, Congress Daily continues:

“National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Thomas Reynolds of New York has tapped Rep. Ralph Regula, R-Ohio, to help Diedrich raise money from Washington-based PACs and GOP members.”

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