Campaign 2010

May 17, 2004

Hard Sell Monday

Again, today is that very special day of the week where we put our hands out and ask all of you for a few bucks to help us take DeLay out, and put Pelosi in.  To spur you on we try to give you one good reason that you may not already know about.  Today’s will be short.

Many of us either read about or saw the fiasco of Colin Powell on Meet the Press yesterday.  If not go read it, best laugh you’ll have all day.  But for those who already know about it, you may remember that the aide’s name was Emily Miller, and you probably thought at the time, “this couldn’t be one of Powell’s staffers, this must be some hack Rove & Co. foisted on him.”  How cynical of you:

”...Miller, a onetime NBC staffer who recently worked for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.”

It’s a frickin’ factory over there, help us shut ‘em down!

Update!  Reader EricinTX notes that Miller was in fact DeLay’s spokeswoman, which in turn reminded me of another tidbit.  A must read on Tom DeLay is this 2001 Wa Po article:
Absolute Truth; Tom DeLay is certain that Christian family values will solve America’s problems.  But he’s uncertain how to face his own family.” 
In it, the author gets inside the DeLay machine and juxtaposes DeLay’s self-congratulatory rhetoric on moral rejuventation with statements like this:

“He unequivocally lied in my deposition,” says DeNisco, who is also a lifelong Republican.

But keeping to our subject, it also includes this:

The next evening, I got a phone call at home from DeLay’s press secretary, Emily Miller, who burst into a scathing tirade. “You lied! . . . You betrayed him! You twisted his words! . . . We don’t know you. You don’t exist . . . You are dead to us . . .” I grabbed for a pencil to take notes, but she was speaking faster than I could transcribe. I was being shunned and cut off, with a sort of biblical finality. It was also the only time that Miller neglected to specify that her comments were for my background information, not for publication.

This really isn’t even dignified, if you would like to restore some sense of honor to our government, we are the people who can make it happen.

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