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Jun 18, 2004

Guest Post: Recardo Gibson

Meet Recardo Gibson, a new member of the DCCC online team who will be guest posting from time to time.

Don’t Believe the Hype

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie expects to see an increase in African American voters casting their ballots for Republicans from 9% to 35%.

In an interview, Gillespie said black voters had the same concerns as any group of voters: jobs, the economy, health care and education. Bush’s record on creating a prescription drug benefit under Medicare, passage of the No Child Left Behind Act on education standards…

Ok, that’s enough.  Let’s go one by one:

Medicare Drug Benefit:


A remaining complaint is that some drugs come with serious discounts and others don’t, depending on which card you are using. If you are a senior taking five, six pills a day, this can be a problem.

Jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics):

The unemployment rates for the major worker groups—adult men (5.2 percent), adult women (4.8 percent), teenagers (17.2 percent), whites (5.0 percent), blacks (9.9 percent), and Hispanics or Latinos (7.0 percent)—were little changed in May.

No child left behind:


The budget request continues to renege on the commitment to fully fund the No Child Left Behind Act - falling $9.4 billion short for this coming fiscal year and $27 billion short overall since the law’s first year.

Can you believe this?  Gillespie would make you think the Republicans have their finger on the pulse of what’s important to African Americans.  Interestingly enough Bush has even dedicated a portion of his website to the theme of Compassion where you can see him interacting with African Americans and even holding African American children.  Republicans are trying to make up for decades of ignoring blacks with a lackluster attempt by embarking on an “African-American Empowerment Tour.” I don’t know what’s more offensive - those gratuitous pictures or the RNC’s disingenuous attempts to convince me that they understand the problems that exist in the black community.  If they understand so much then the Administration’s policies should reflect this knowledge. But they don’t.  So what are we left to think?

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