Campaign 2010

Feb 27, 2004

Guest Post - Jesse Lee: That Darned Liberal Media Filter

Ah, the sheer utility of the blog.

Many will be surprised to hear this, but Democrats quite regularly compile blistering reports calling out the Republicans on their worst excesses, taking the time to prove their point beyond the shadow of a doubt.  These are released to the media and ultimately ignored virtually without fail.  Now we too are able to bypass the infamous �liberal media filter” and provide our fellow bloggers with such information directly.

Here is Steny Hoyer’s �The Bush Credibility Gap Only Widens” Report.  Quite the handy-dandy reference guide I think you’ll find.  (See the post below for more on Hoyer.)

Another one you might have missed is �Sweetheart Deals,” released as a special Valentine’s gift to the GOP.  It documents the full range of political appointees regulating the very industries they have spent their lives testing legal limits for.  Another good one for your reference file, produced by the Democratic Policy Committee.

Stay tuned, we’ll churn ‘em out as they come in.

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