Campaign 2010

Feb 24, 2004

Guest Post: Jesse Lee at Chandler’s Swearing In

Ben Chandler Takes His Seat at the Table

As the DCCC watched the astonishing election results roll in from Kentucky-6 on February 17th, an obvious question presented itself:

If we can do this in the heart of Kentucky, why can’t we do everywhere?

As Democrats gathered in jubilation tonight, awaiting the swearing in of our newest member, we had a chance to pose this question to the man himself.

�That’s absolutely right,” said Chandler.  �We took a Republican district, a heavily Republican district, and we won it by 12 points.  Why couldn’t we do that everywhere?”

Chandler also singled out another important factor in the Democrats’ decisive win:

�This race also showed something else, though.  Democratic members came together for my campaign and showed real unity and focus.  There are a lot of great Democratic members even when they’re doing their own thing, but when they work together like this it packs a big punch.”

Pundits, most of whom have shied away from the question we put to Chandler, have largely found themselves at a loss in explaining the landslide- but some facts are clear: 

The DCCC strategy of galvanizing the anger felt by millions of Americans across the country towards the influence-peddling, up-is-down GOP paid off, and it paid off big even in a district that went 56% for President Bush in 2000.

Join with us and all those who dedicated their time, money, and passion to the Kentucky race in this evolving movement to shock the pants off the Republicans and put a new majority in the House this November!

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