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Feb 27, 2012

A Grimm February

Nobody is happier that February is coming to a close than Congressman Michael Grimm (NY-13). Throughout February, Congressman Grimm has been inundated by headlines highlighting his scandal-plagued past and potentially illegal fundraising as the local and national press have put a spotlight on the embattled congressman. Here is a sampling of Congressman Grimm's February hits:

Staten Island Democrat calls for FEC investigation of allegations vs. Grimm [Staten Island Advance, 2/01/12]

Awaiting word on fund-raising allegations from Rep. Michael Grimm in D.C. [Staten Island Advance, 2/01/12]

Michael Grimm Pushes Pipeline, Pulls Donations [New York Daily News, 2/09/12]

Campaign contribution fuels criticism of Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm; Congressman says contributions weren't tied to his support for gas pipeline through B'klyn [Staten Island Advance, 2/09/12]

Watchdog files ethics complaint against GOP lawmaker Grimm [The Hill, 2/09/12]

Congressman's Business Ties Are at Odds With Upright Image [New York Times, 2/15/12]

Michael Grimm Replaced as a Romney Delegate [WOR710, 2/16/12]

A string of Grimm headlines [Politico, 2/16/12]

Staten Island Representative Michael Grimm Hid Shady Businesses, Poorly Named Companies [New York Magazine, 2/16/12]

Michael Grimm's 'checkered business background,' from scam-artist partner to mystery restaurant [National Journal, 2/16/12]

Romney Campaign Distances Itself From Congressman[New York Times, 2/16/12]

Guy Molinari bumps Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm as a New York GOP presidential delegate [Staten Island Advance, 2/16/12]

After Allegations, Michael Grimm No Longer a Romney Delegate [Politicker, 2/16/12]

Romney jettisons embattled N.Y. rep [Politico, 2/17/12]

Michael Grimm's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month [MSNBC, 2/17/12]

Questions for and About Congressman Grimm [New York Times, Editorial, 2/19/12]

Brooklyn staffer for Staten Island congressman Grimm arrested [Staten Island Advance, 2/19/12]

Congressman Grimm's Staff Member Allegedly Assaults His Own Son [NY1, 2/19/12]

New York Times op-ed calls for investigation into GOP Rep. Grimm [The Hill, 2/20/12]

SI Rep. Grimm's big donor raising big trouble [New York Post, 2/21/12]

Grimm Tidings [New York Observer, Editorial, 2/21/12]

DCCC Presents "The Grimm Files" [City & State, 2/21/12]

Courtesy Of The DCCC, The (Michael) Grimm Files [New York Daily News, 2/21/12]

DCCC launches 'GrimmFiles' website [The Hill, 2/21/12]

Grimm Hires Scandal-Scarred Aide [Brooklyn Daily, 2/22/12]

February's been one grim month for Bay Ridge Rep [Brooklyn Daily, 2/22/12]

New York: Grimm Drumbeat Grows Louder [Roll Call, 2/22/12]

Grimm $$ controversy rooted in 2010 race [Staten Island Advance, 2/26/12]

Anthony Weiner Thought Michael Grimm's Donations Were Shady In 2010 [Gothamist, 2/26/12]

Michael Grimm Urged Leniency For Fraudster [New York Daily News, 2/26/12]

Ethics questions mount for Rep. Grimm in NY [The Hill, 2/27/12]

Grimm Asked Judge To Keep Cunningham Briber Out Of Jail [Talking Points Memo, 2/27/12]

Hotline Sort: A Grimm Situation [National Journal, 2/27/12 ]

Mitt Romney's Surrogate Headache: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em: Michael Grimm [ABC News, 2/27/12]

Rep. Michael Grimm Sought Leniency For Bribery Suspect [Think Progress, 2/27/12]

Grimm blasted for taking pipeline money [Brooklyn Daily, 2/28/12]

A Grimm Situation [National Journal Hotline, 2/29/12]

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