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Feb 26, 2004

GOP Speaker Refuses to Extend 911 Commission

Reason #45667 to elect more Democrats to Congress:

The Seattle Times is reporting that GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert refuses to bring up legislation to extend the 911 investigation.

“The commission says it needs the extra 60 days to complete hundreds of interviews and review millions of documents. Despite initial objections, President Bush backed the panel’s request earlier this month.

Democratic congressional aides said Bush halfheartedly supported the extension and put little pressure on Hastert to back down.

Republican commission member John Lehman, a former Navy secretary, said Hastert’s opposition was “unacceptable” and suggested that the panel would continue its work with or without an extension.

‘Even if we have to sit and do this on our own time with our laptop computers, I think that would be the inclination of most commissioners,’ Lehman said. ‘Unless the government takes away our security clearances, we will keep working until this is done. This is too important not to.’ “

Yep. Even the Prez and the GOP members of the Commission are ok with extending the deadline. Sigh.

UPDATE: Calpundit, Josh Marshall , Jesse at Pandagon and The Talking Dog  have good stuff up about this - apologies for missing them earlier.

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