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Mar 05, 2004

GOP Misery Index Update

George Bush has now lost 2.96 MILLION private sector jobs since he took over in January of 2001 (Bureau of Labor Statistics - 04/05/2004)

Your share of the national debt is $24,2522.92 (US Treasury and US Census Bureau)

and yet GW knows “what we need to do to continue economic growth so people can find work”.

More info from Brad DeLong, Whiskey Bar,  and Lean Left.


Response from DCCC Chair Robert T. Matsui:

“The Bush-Cheney campaign needs to go back to the editing room because they’re campaign ad claims about job growth bear no relation to reality. And it is passed time for Republicans to admit their special interest economic policy is a complete failure.”

Response from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi:

“President Bush and the Republicans in Congress should stop catering to the corporate interests that put them in power and start representing the priorities of the American people.”

Response from House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer:

“Mr. President, Be Pleased You Don’t Have to Face Donald Trump in the Board Room With These Results”

Have a nice day.

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