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Apr 25, 2011

GOP Hypocrisy Alert: Republicans Who Campaigned in 2010 to Protect Medicare, Voted to End It in 2011

More than two dozen House Republicans have broken 2010 campaign promises pledging to protect Medicare or fight attempts to cut or privatize the program. Hypocritically, these members of Congress voted to end the program on April 15, 2011.  

“What a difference six months makes.  Six months ago, dozens of Republicans were campaigning to fight cuts to Medicare and now they not only voted to cut Medicare, but to end it altogether,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Despite their campaign promises, Republicans voted to end Medicare, reducing benefits and increasing costs to seniors, to pay for Big Oil taxpayer giveaways and the ultra rich’s tax breaks.”

Check it out for yourself:

  • Dan Benishek (MI-01)
  • Rick Berg (ND-AL)
  • Mary Bono Mack (CA-45)
  • Larry Bucshon (IN-08)
  • Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25)
  • Steve Chabot (OH-01)
  • Rick Crawford (AR-01)
  • Renee Ellmers (NC-02)
  • Blake Farenthold (TX-27)
  • Bob Gibbs (OH-18)
  • Chris Gibson (NY-20) 
  • Tim Griffin (AR-02)
  • Frank Guinta (NH-01)
  • Joe Heck (NV-03)
  • Mike Kelly (PA-03)
  • Adam Kinzinger (IL-11)
  • Pat Meehan (PA-07)
  • Mick Mulvaney (SC-05)
  • Kristi Noem (SD-AL)
  • Alan Nunnelee (MS-01)
  • Martha Roby (AL-02)
  • Bobby Schilling (IL-17)
  • Steve Southerland (FL-02)
  • Cliff Stearns (FL-06)
  • Scott Tipton (CO-3)


AL-05 – Martha Roby: “This is The New Health Care Law. It Costs Too Much…Half Trillion Dollars in Medicare Cuts.” In a 2010 campaign ad, Martha Roby said, “This is the new health care law. It costs too much and explodes the deficit. 1,000 pages of rules and regulations. Massive new taxes and a half trillion dollars in Medicare cuts.” [Martha Roby’s YouTube Footage, Uploaded 10/10/10]

AR-01 – Rick Crawford Said He Was “Absolutely Going to Stand Against” Medicare Cuts. “They've already done $500 billion in cuts in Medicare. This administration and Congressional leadership has shown a willingness to threaten seniors. I'm absolutely going to stand against that,’ he said.” [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/8/10]

AR-02 – Tim Griffin’s Campaign Said He Opposes Privatizing Medicare. In an October 1, 2010 press release, Tim Griffin touted his opposition to privatizing Medicare. [Tim Griffin for Congress Committee’s Press Release, 10/1/10]

CA-45 – Mary Bono Mack: Seniors Should be Very Bothered by Cuts to Medicare. In a video posted on her YouTube channel and entitled “Flawed health care bill cuts Medicare for seniors,” Mary Bono Mack said: “for my 45% of seniors who like Medicare advantage—they should be very bothered by their (Medicare) cuts by using basically their health care to pay for someone else’s health care.” [Mary Bono Mack’s YouTube Footage, Uploaded 3/21/10]

CO-03 – Scott Tipton said “I’ll Never Put Our Seniors’ Future At Risk. No Cuts. No Privatization.” In his 2010 campaign ad, Scott Tipton said, “I’ll never put our seniors’ future at risk. No cuts. No privatization.” [votetiptonmedia’s YouTube Footage, Uploaded 9/26/10]

FL-02 – Steve Southerland: We Have to Fulfill Our Commitment to Seniors. In 2010, Steve Southerland attacked his opponent over cutting $500 billion from Medicare. Southerland said “We have got to fulfill our commitment to our seniors, the promises that we have made that you have worked for, you have paid into Social Security we have got to fulfill that promise… [my opponent] voted for a health care bill that takes $525 billion dollars out of Medicare, you know what… I wouldn’t want to talk about my record if I were him.” [Fl02Raw Footage’s YouTube Footage, Uploaded 9/3/10]

FL-06 – Cliff Stearns Criticized the $500 Billion in Cuts to Medicare in the Health Care Reform Bill. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Cliff Stearns criticized the health care reform bill. He said, “There are common-sense solutions that we can do to improve our health-care system without cutting Medicare or imposing $400 billion in new taxes.” [Orlando Sentinel, 1/23/11]

IL-11 –  Adam Kinzinger Opposed “Billions Of Cuts In Services To Seniors.” “I held eight town-hall meetings, garnering over 2,000 concerned citizens, and spoke out passionately against a government takeover of healthcare and billions of cuts in services to seniors.” [Ottawa Delivered, 2/3/10]

IL-17 –  Bobby Schilling said “I do not support cutting benefits to [Medicare and Social Security] at all.” In a 2010 Chicago Tribune survey, Bobby Schilling said, “I believe that there will need to be an increase in Medicare and Social Security withholding taxes. I do not support cutting benefits to these programs at all.” [Chicago Tribune, 9/13/10]

IN-08 – Larry Buschon’s 2010 Campaign Ad Said He Will “Save Medicare.” One of Larry Buschon’s 2010 campaign advertisements says, “Obamacare cuts Medicare by $500 billion dollars, jeopardizing Medicare for 156,000 Hoosiers…[Larry Buschon will] repeal Obamacare, save Medicare and protect Social Security.” [Buschon for Congress Committee, 10/17/10]

MI-01 –  Dan Benishek Said Medicare is a Promise We’ve Made to Seniors. Dan Benishek said in a 2010 campaign ad“Social Security and Medicare are a promise we’ve made to our seniors, and I will keep that promise.” [Benishek TV Ad, 10/17/10]

MS-01 – Alan Nunnelee Promised He Would Always Protect Medicare. Alan Nunnelee said in a 2010 campaign ad “I’ll honor the greatest generation by always protecting Social Security and Medicare.” [Nunnelee Campaign Ad, 10/20/10]

NC-02 – Renee Ellmers Claimed it Was “Wrong” To Cut Medicare. Renee Ellmers said in 2010, “…Cutting Medicare By $500 billion Dollars to Pay for Obamacare. That’s Wrong.” [Renee Ellmers for Congress’ YouTube Footage, Uploaded 9/19/10]

ND-AL – Rick Berg: “I Opposed Obamacare and the $500 Billion Cuts to Medicare.”  Rick Berg said, “…I opposed Obamacare and the $500 billion cuts to Medicare.” [Rick Berg for Congress’s YouTube Footage, Uploaded 10/27/11]

NH-01 – Frank Guinta Cited Medicare Cuts as a Reason to Oppose Health Care Reform. In January 2010, Frank Guinta’s campaign issued a press release arguing againt cutting Medicare by $500 billion.  “A bill that raises taxes, increases the cost of insurance for businesses and individuals, cuts Medicare by 500 billion...” [Friends of Frank Guinta Press Release via, 1/8/10]

NV-03 – Joe Heck: It’s Ludicrous to Think I would Want to See Medicare Dissolved. On Face to Face, Heck was asked if he is for “privatizing” or “phasing out” Social Security or Medicare. Heck responded by saying, “It’s ludicrous on its face to think that me as a physician would want to see Medicare dissolved.” [Face to Face with Jon Ralston, 6/16/10 around seg. 2 @ 2:00]

NY-20 – Chris Gibson: On Medicare Vouchers: “I’m Not For It.” In an October 2010 Chris Gibson campaign stump speech, Gibson responded to claims that he supported “Medicare vouchers.” Gibson said, “ I didn’t even know what that (Medicare vouchers) was. I had to go look it up. So I did, and I’m not for it.” [Albany Times-Union, 10/7/10; Jimmy Vielkind’s YouTube Footage, Uploaded 2/3/11

NY-25 – Ann Marie Burkle: Health Care Reform Could Force Congress to Cut Medicare. In a March 2010 op-ed for The Post Standard, Ann Marie Buerkle wrote that, “Congress could be forced to cut Medicare health care services for seniors, raid the Social Security Trust Fund, and add billions to the deficit.” [The Post Standard, 3/19/10]

OH-01 – Steve Chabot’s 2010 Campaign Ad Claimed a $500 Billion Cut in Medicare Would Hurt Seniors.  In September 2010, Steve Chabot’s campaign for Congress Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act hurt seniors by cutting $500 billion in Medicare. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/23/10; Chabot for Congress’ YouTube Footage, Uploaded 9/23/10]

OH-18 – Bob Gibbs: “I Am Committed That Both Social Security And Medicare Will Be There For Seniors And Future Retiree’s [sic].” Bob Gibbs wrote on his campaign Website, “We have a responsibility and a commitment to seniors to fund our obligation to them and not place the system in jeopardy by moving away from the current program to privatization of the system.” [Bob Gibbs for Congress Website, accessed on 4/19/11]

PA-03 – Mike Kelly: Seniors Are The Ones That Are Going to Be Hurt Most By Medicare Cuts. In 2010, in response to a question about Medicare payments to physicians, Mike Kelly referred to the Medicare cuts under the health care reform legislation by saying, “As you know, being seniors, you are the ones – the backs of the seniors are the ones that are going to be hurt most by the health care program.” [PA03RawFootage’s YouTube Footage, Uploaded 9/1/10]

PA-07 – Pat Meehan: “That’s The Agenda I’m Not Voting For.” During an October 2010 debate, Pat Meehan promised that he would not support the House Republican leadership’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program. “That’s the agenda I’m not voting for.” [PoliticsPA, 4/19/11; Meehan Report’s YouTube Footage of the Neumann College Debate,Uploaded 4/14/11]

SC-05 – Mick Mulvaney Attacked His Opponent Over $500 Billion in Cuts to Medicare. Mick Mulvaney attacked his opponent in a 2010 campaign ad over $500 billion in Medicare cuts that he claimed was included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. [Mulvaney campaign ad, 11/01/10]

SD-AL – Kristi Noem: Cuts to Essential Programs Like Medicare is The Wrong Direction. On the issue section of her campaign website, Kristi Noem wrote, “I will also work to repeal the trillion dollar health care bill passed this year that includes $500 million in cuts to Medicare.  The bill puts bureaucrats between patients and their doctor and pays for it with cuts to essential programs like Medicare. This is the wrong direction for health care.” [Kristi for Congress Website, accessed 4/20/11]

TX-27 – Blake Farenthold Claimed The Health Care Reform Bill Would “Betray Seniors Who Rely on Medicare.” On March 16, 2010, Blake Frarenthold wrote that health care bill would “betray our seniors who rely on Medicare.” [Blake Farenthold for Congress’s Website, accessed on 4/20/11]

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