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Apr 02, 2004

Fundraising Report - THANK YOU!

The first quarter of 2004 finished up yesterday, and we are happy to report that you are keeping us more than competitive with the GOP!!!! We raised $11.5 million this quarter which is HUGE.

Mostly, it means that we will be able to fight very hard in those swing districts. Additionally, we are the closest to our Republican counterparts when it comes to cash-on-hand:

The Republican National Committee had $54 million on hand Thursday and no debt. The GOP’s Senate fund-raising committee had roughly twice as much in the bank as its Democratic rival. The Democratic House committee was closest to its Republican counterpart in cash on hand, $12.3 million compared to $16 million. (emphasis mine)

- Sharon Theimer, Associated Press

Cash on hand is key, because it means that we keep our spending low - so more of every dollar we raise ends up in actual races. Our money goes where it is needed the most, and we can make a big impact in important races.

Thanks. You rule!

There is still a lot of work to be done, however, and we are more than a fundraising Committee. Click here to volunteer…

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