Campaign 2010

Apr 16, 2004

Fundraising Looking Good

FEC Reports are out:

Democrats appear to be keeping pace financially with their Republican rivals in crucial Senate races, including those in Florida, North Carolina and South Dakota, according to first-quarter campaign reports filed on Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission.  The new data also showed that House races considered too close to call reflected aggressive fund-raising on both sides, particularly in a handful of contests in Texas, where redistricting has given Republicans a chance to reverse the 17-to-15 advantage Democrats held in the Congressional delegation after the 2002 elections.

I would say the NYT is actually underestimating us here, despite the positive tone.  To see what I mean, check out the Must Reads today, where we’ve collected about 10 races where Dem fundraising provoked startled reactions form the press or their GOP opponents.

As a footnote, the Must Reads get updated about 11:00 most days, and include the top headlines (with excerpts) from regional and local newspapers as well as national stories, not a bad place to buzz over the day’s news.  More generally, we are gradually building up the capacity of our main site as a resource center.  In the next couple months we will be producing reports composed of mainstream journalism and analysis on the major sham bills passed by the Republicans in Congress, as well as a number of other subjects of note, such as “Conservatives on Bush and DeLay.”  All of the information will be meant to be mobile, meaning it will be from credible sources, hyperlinked, etc.  We’ll announce the specific things as we churn them out.  In my view the blogopsphere’s greatest strength and contribution has been to the flow of facts and information, so keep us in mind when you need to do some digging or just want the low-down on this stuff.

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