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Jun 15, 2004

Friendly Skies

There was a big scare here last week where we evacuated the building, people were running in droves out of the Capitol, etc. etc.  There was a plane entering restricted airspace, and nobody knew what was going on.  This morning the Evansville Courier Press editorializes about those events:

Republicans have given new meaning to flying the friendly skies

After recent events, one wonders if Republicans just shouldn’t give up air travel.

For a fleeting moment last week, it appeared possible that Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher and U.S. Rep. John Hostettler, R-Wadesville, Ind., might get a chance to share adjoining cells for violating federal restrictions related to air travel.

You’ll recall Hostettler was snagged by luggage screeners back in April as he was preparing to carry a loaded pistol onto a Washington-bound flight out of Louisville International Airport. It’s a matter yet to be resolved in the Jefferson County District Court.

Fletcher did the congressman one better, though. En route from Kentucky to Washington for a rotunda memorial service honoring former President Ronald Reagan, he forced the evacuation of the U.S. Capitol just as people were beginning to gather for that ceremony.

Military jets were diverted to intercept the governor’s plane, whose transponder wasn’t transmitting an identifying signal, as it headed toward the Capitol.

Panicked security officials, believing an unidentified plane was surely in restricted airspace with the intent of crashing into the gathering of notables, ushered visitors into a basement until the all-clear was given.

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