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Sep 28, 2013

First Reviews Are In: Latest Republican Plan Means #GOPShutdown

House Republican just announced they’re planning to double down on their threat to shutdown government unless Democrats are willing to oppose the Affordable care Act.

Politico described it saying: “So a House move in that direction would be a step toward a government shutdown.”

Everyone knows what this means…

  • NRO’s Jonathan Strong: “Odds of a shutdown just went to around 100%” [@J_Strong on Twitter,. 9/28/13]
  • Politico’s Ben White: “any R plan that includes an Obamacare delay means a shutdown…” [@MorningMoneyBen on Twitter, 9/28/13]
  • Huffington Post’s Sam Stein: “that's a shut down recipe RT @JakeSherman: HOUSE R PLAN: 1-year delay of Obamacare and repeal the medical device tax.” [@SamSteinHP on twitter, 9/28/13]
  • Washington Post’s Paul Kaine: “Key thing to know about new House R position: It is way further to the right than their offer 1 week ago. Which Senate already rejected.” [@Pkcapitol on twitter, 9/28/13]
  • Washington Examiner’s David Drucker: “Neither Obama not Reid will accept anything that delays O'Care from moving forward. So the one-year delay is DOA in Senate.” [@DavidMDrucker on twitter, 9/28/13]
  • Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim: “I'm told same as Politico, one year delay of Obamacare. Which means a government shutdown. Well done everybody.” [@RyanGrim on twitter, 9/28/13]
  • Bloomberg News Headline: “House Republican Plan Increases Chances for U.S. Shutdown” [Bloomberg, 9/28/13]
  • Yahoo News Headline: “Republicans will move ahead with plan to delay Obamacare, making government shutdown more likely” [Yahoo News,9/28/13]
  • NBC News: “Shutdown odds spike as GOP unveils new funding bill” [NBC News, 9/28/13]

Just yesterday, former Republican Presidential nominiee Mitt Romney warned House Republicans against demanding a government shtudown over the Affordable Care Act. This week, Senator John McCain said that Republicans need to move on because the American people spoke on the Affordable Care Act in the 2012 elections.


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