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Sep 28, 2012

First DCCC TV Ad Shows Devastating Effects of Congressman Latham’s Support for Outsourcing

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released its first Independent Expenditure TV ad in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District highlighting Congressman Tom Latham’s support for companies that ship American jobs overseas. The ad highlights an Iowan who lost her job as a result of outsourcing who questions why Congressman Latham continues to support those companies and take contributions from those special interests. The DCCC IE’s TV ad, “Devastating,” starts running Friday.


Script of  DCCC IE Ad “Devastating” IA-03

LYNNE:  When our jobs were shipped overseas, some people were literally left out in the cold. 

No retirement, no health benefits to go forward. 

And I was even forced to train our replacements from India -- it was devastating.

I’ll never understand why Congressman Latham voted to keep giving government contracts to companies that outsource our jobs. 

Or why he takes contributions from them. 

Congressman Latham has no idea what we're going through.

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