Campaign 2010

Feb 16, 2004

Finally the PhotoBlog!

Here are some photos from the trip so far (beware, the page may take a while to load…)

Our Chair, The Honorable Robert T. Matsui, thanked the hundreds of volunteers and got us underway by discussing the importance of the race.

Jay �Squeeky” Vincent, the lead organizer of the road trip who has now lost his voice, gave us some last-minute instructions.

Yes, ladies, he IS single. Here are some of the volunteers in attendance at the kickoff.

At 4.30 am Saturday the busses arrived in Lexington, KY and we were welcomed by the staff already on the ground.

From there we got a nap, breakfast and a shower, then hopped back on the busses to go out into the field.

After a hard day of campaigning � the volunteers and staff enjoyed a much-needed meal and we got a chance to socialize with each other.

Jim Bonham � Executive Director of the DCCC � pointed out that some groups, like the group of volunteers from LSU and Baton Rouge, LA, traveled even further than the group from DC. It took them 14 hours.

Sunday morning, we got right back on the bus for more of the same.

Oddly enough, most (myself NOT included) were cheery and ready for action.

More photos to come!

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