Campaign 2010

Apr 15, 2004


The GOP Leadership has produced such a steady stream of offenses that there has hardly been time to explore their close relationship to some serious crazies on the super-hard-Jerry-Falwell-Christian Right.  To get thoroughly acquainted with their relationship, People For the American Way is generally the place to go.

Another very good place is Kevin Drum’s series of posts on the Texas Republican platform.

But if TV is your game, check out 60 Minutes this weekend.  This is from their teaser that they just shot out:

“With the White House and – and Tom DeLay in the House of Representatives, the attorney general, talk radio, the conservative Fox News. These are parts of the righteous army that has finally come into its own.”

Read the teaser, then take another look at Bush’s judges.

Then think of Tom DeLay setting the agenda for the House of Representatives.

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