Campaign 2010

Feb 17, 2004

E-Day…in about 6 hours

The polls open in little more than six hours.  The volunteers were just briefed for the last time, and have now (hopefully) gone to their respective homes and rooms; to sleep on beds, couches and probably even a few floors as we begin tomorrow VERY early.  Polls open here at 6 AM and remain open for twelve hours.

As to the volunteers � I admit that it is hard to put into words the gratitude and admiration that all of us staffers feel for the extraordinary group that has assembled its collective skills, talents, energies and idealism to help elect Ben Chandler to Congress representing the people of KY 06.

Tonight, Jim Bonham, the DCCC Executive Director was one of those who spoke during the final briefing.  As you can imagine, the job comes with the expectation that you can speak effectively in public settings.  Jim can and does � normally. 

But there was a moment tonight, when he became tongue-tied trying to describe the gratitude we all felt to this wonderful band of volunteers.  The problem wasn’t his.  The reality is that their work has been so impressive that words seem inadequate. We’ve been video taping interviews with many of them, as well as getting comments for the blog. 

Our youngest volunteer is a 12-year old named Soren, who accompanied his father from Maryland.  While he has primarily been out dropping literature in neighborhoods, someone got a picture of him making calls in one of the phone banks. (We’ll collect all the pictures floating around, just give us a chance to get this election won first).  But Soren tells me that this is NOT his first campaign experience.  It appears that one of his friends in his middle school ran for student government.  Cutting to the point, Soren informed me, �I made his posters and stuff.” 

Well �stuff” is what this army of volunteers has been doing � not just good stuff but �GREAT stuff!”  We’ll have a lot to tell you about them in the days ahead. 

As to the news today, we obviously can’t share numbers with you right now because certain �inquiring minds” read this.  But I can tell you that the forceful endorsements of the Lexington Herald-Leader last week, and the Louisville Courier-Journal this week are making their mark. 

As a special election, the general consensus is that there will be relatively low turn-out.  The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that it could be less than 20%.  Chandler is favored to win. 

As Captain Piccard of Star Trek fame used to say: �Make it so.” 

The volunteers here in Kentucky are doing just that!


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