Campaign 2010

Jun 07, 2004

DTripTV makes AP

Ta ha:

Want to vote a Republican off the island? How about all of them? If so, House Democrats are here to help with a new Web-based cartoon program, Republican Survivor.


...Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia makes a late appearance as the “immunity fairy,” whose function is to designate contestants who can’t be voted off the island.


The cartoon moderator, no friend of any of them, says the overall instructions are to “lie, cheat, steal, coddle, cuddle and pander. In other words, do what comes naturally to you.”


Suffice it to say the cartoon images are no more flattering to the GOP survivor crew than the dialogue.


In the first Webisode, Bush and Ashcroft are captains of two teams directed to play a game of “Capture the Flag.” In reality it’s paintball, played with automatic weapons. Ashcroft’s team loses, and either he, DeLay or Coulter must be voted off the island.

Next one out Thursday, get caught up!

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