Campaign 2010

Mar 14, 2004

Dems Demand Investigation into Intimidation


“In a letter to the inspector general, they said: ‘Throughout the debate on the Medicare bill, the legislation’s cost was a central issue for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. The withholding of cost information may have impeded lawmakers’ ability to engage in fair debate on the bill.’

“The request was made by Representatives Pete Stark of California, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, all Democrats, and Bernard Sanders of Vermont, an independent. Mr. Stark and Mr. Brown are the senior Democrats on powerful subcommittees responsible for health legislation.

“‘The administration seems to have a habit of suppressing information to serve its political purposes,’ Mr. Stark said. ‘Tom Scully told my staff that Rick Foster would be `fired so fast his head would spin’ if he released this information to us.’”

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