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Oct 08, 2012

Democrats Keep Republicans on Defense with More Tough Ads on Airwaves

Republicans continue to be on defense as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s aggressive ad campaign targets vulnerable Republicans and exposes their real priorities. Most of this week’s ads are focused either on Republican support for Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare and to give tax breaks for millionaires or they focus on Republicans who look out for themselves instead of protecting the middle class.
Take a look at examples of the ads for yourself.
CA-07: Congressman Dan Lungren. “Retire Congressman Lungren collects a state pension but when it came to fighting for seniors’ retirements Lungren voted to raise the Social Security retirement age and supported Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget that essentially ends Medicare.


CA-10: Congressman Jeff Denham. “ Not Quite Honest Congressman Denham claimed to turn down pay raises, but he secretly requested them and increased his salary. Denham also tells voters he’s protecting Medicare even though he voted for Paul Ryan’s budget that ends Medicare and raises seniors’ health care costs by $6,400 a year.


CA-36: Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack. “
Done" Congresswoman Bono Mack voted herself nine pay raises and has taken millions from special interests while turning her back on seniors and voting to eliminate the Medicare guarantee.

CA-52: Congressman Brian Bilbray. “
Maybe" Congressman Bilbray has taken thousands of dollars from Big Oil and special interest campaign contributors he used to lobby for and voted to protect their large tax breaks by cutting Medicare to pay for them. He also voted to let Big Oil drill off the coast of San Diego.

CA-52: Congressman Brian Bilbray. "
Never Hired" Congressman Bilbray voted to cut tax subsidies for oil companies, end Medicare and make seniors pay more.


IA-03: Congressman Tom Latham. " Devastating" Congressman Latham supports companies that ship American jobs overseas and continues to support those companies and take contributions from those special interests.



IL-10: Congressman Bob Dold. " Agree" Congressman Dold voted to essentially end Medicare and let insurance companies charge women higher premiums for their health care.



IL-11: Congresswoman Judy Biggert. "Bankroll" Congresswoman Biggert looked out for herself over middle class families by voting to give herself nine pay raises and she supported ending the Medicare guarantee, making seniors pay more for their health care.


IL-13: Republican candidate Rodney Davis. "
Reasons" To pay for tax breaks for millionaires, Rodney Davis supports ending Medicare by turning it into a voucher program, which would force seniors to pay $6,400 more to cover health care.



IL-13: Republican candidate Rodney Davis. "
1,400" Rodney Davis will cost Illinois middle class families $1,400 in higher taxes on the middle class.



IL-17: Congressman Bobby Schilling. " Bellringer" Congressman Schilling has a record of voting to keep tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.



NC-07: Republican candidate David Rouzer. "Protecting Outsourcing" David Rouzer profited as a special interest lobbyist for a Japanese corporation and supports a budget plan that would give tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas.



NH-01: Congressman Frank Guinta. "
Not Okay in New Hampshire" Congressman Guinta wants to put the government in charge of making women’s medical decisions and limiting access to birth control.



NH-02: Congressman Charlie Bass. "
Party Line" Congressman Bass supported the Romney-Ryan budget that ends Medicare.



NY-19: Congressman Chris Gibson. "Priorities" Instead of protecting the middle class, Congressman Gibson and Mitt Romney have the wrong priorities of ending Medicare so they can pay for more tax breaks for millionaires.



NY-24: Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle. "With Mitt"
Congresswoman Buerkle sides with Mitt Romney to support Congressman Paul Ryan’s Medicare-ending budget that puts the health insurance industry in charge and forces seniors to pay $6,400 a year more while also giving millionaires a $265,000 tax cut.



NY-24: Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle. "Ryan’s Plan" Congresswoman Buerkle sides against the taxpayers and voting with Mitt Romney to support Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget that ends Medicare.  



NV-03: Congressman Joe Heck. "
Preventable" Congressman Heck voted against requiring insurance companies to cover the life-saving HPV vaccine and he has an extreme record on women’s health.



OH-06: Congressman Bill Johnson. "Deeds" Before coming to Congress, Bill Johnson pocketed a quarter of a million dollars serving as an executive of a company that laid off hundreds of workers and sent jobs to Mexico and China. In Congress Johnson has protected tax breaks for corporations like this that ship jobs overseas.



OH-06: Congressman Bill Johnson. " Trust" Congressman Johnson would end the Medicare guarantee for Ohio seniors, forcing them to deal directly with large insurance companies and forcing seniors to pay $6,400 more every year.



WA-01: Republican candidate John Koster. " Choice" Koster has an extreme record on women’s health and history of telling women what they should do with their bodies.


WI-07: Congressman Sean Duffy. " Axe" Congressman Sean Duffy voted to essentially end Medicare and hike the cost for seniors while at the same time voting to protect his own pay and his taxpayer-funded health care.



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