Campaign 2010

Jan 09, 2013

Democrats Ahead in Numerous Polls

A new Gallup poll released today shows Democrats have taken the lead in Party Identification as we start 2013. The poll showed 47 percent of Americans identified as Democrats, while 42 percent identified as Republicans.

  • Gallup wrote: “The new Democratic advantage is mostly due to an increased proportion of Democratic-leaning independents and a decreased proportion of Republican-leaning independents.”

A poll from PPP yesterday showed that the Tea Party Republicans have driven approval of their Congress to historic lows of 9 percent.

  • The poll found this Tea Party Republican Congress was less popular than root canals, head lice, colonoscopies, traffic jams, cockroaches and even Donald Trump.

The recent Washington Post/ABC poll showed the damage to House Republicans after they nearly sent America’s economy over the fiscal cliff. Only thirty percent of registered voters approve of Speaker Boehner in the fiscal cliff negotiations, while 56 percent disapprove.


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