Campaign 2010

Feb 26, 2012

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi discusses the DISCLOSE Act on the Colbert Report

Watch Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi appear on the Colbert Report to discuss the DISCLOSE Act:

POLITICO: Stephen Colbert, Nancy Pelosi agree on DISCLOSE ACT

"I think if we want to cancel elections and just have the wealthiest people in America, and you know what their names are, give millions -- tens of millions of dollars -- we can just ask them, who do they want to be president? Who do they want to run Congress? Who do they want to be governor?" Pelosi said.

"That would be polite," Colbert quipped.

"No, that would be a plutocracy, and we are a democracy," she responded. [...]

"We want to disclose. The people have a right to know whose money is coming in," she said. "Disclose. Stand by your ads. Win the election, reform the system, overturn the Supreme Court decision by amending the Constitution and give the vote and the voice and the power to the people."

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